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Vascular Diagnostic Services at Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge

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You and your veins deserve top-quality care and diagnostic services in East Tennessee

Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, TN, in conjunction with the Vascular Diagnostic Center of Oak Ridge, provides dependable, non-invasive testing to diagnose, evaluate and track serious health problems of the blood vessels. 

Such examinations help doctors identify problems in the earliest, most treatable stages of vascular disease, and they often eliminate the need for invasive testing and surgery.

We are proud to offer our top-quality vascular diagnostic services to the people of East Tennessee in our convenient Oak Ridge, TN location. 

At Methodist Medical Center’s vascular diagnostics department, our doctors may order vascular tests for their patients or our patients may request screenings for preventive care. 

Your vascular diagnostic test results will help your doctors determine the most appropriate treatment. Our vascular diagnostic capabilities also provide vital screening services, to determine any risks you may have for vascular issues or conditions.

Why Choose Vascular Diagnostic Services at Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge?

If you call East Tennessee your home and are concerned you may be experiencing vascular issues, it’s important to not wait to receive the diagnostics you need to best understand and address any conditions you may be experiencing. 

Without treatment, damage or blockage related to vascular disease may destroy arteries or veins, leading to possible loss of limbs or even death. Among the leading causes for these issues are: aging, smoking, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Thankfully, people of East Tennessee have easy access to the quality vascular diagnostic services you need and deserve. At Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, TN, we’re committed to offering the best vascular diagnostic and care services to Tennesseans like you.

Non-Invasive Vascular Diagnostic Services

Cerebrovascular testing
Peripheral arterial examinations
Deep abdominal examinations
Peripheral venous tests
Additional vascular testing services at Methodist Medical in Oak Ridge

Our typical hours of operation are—

8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.,  Monday – Friday

On-call for emergencies 24 hours a day

Mobile testing sites in Clinton, Fairfield Glade (Crossville), Huntsville, Jellico, Kingston, LaFollette, Morgan County, and Norris


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