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Extra Mile Award

Help us recognize employees who go the “extra mile!”

At LeConte Medical Center, we honor our staff who provide extraordinary care with the Extra Mile award. This award was created by LeConte Medical Center leadership to recognize and appreciate non-nursing staff who truly go above and beyond to make an impact on the facility and community.

Extra Mile

Ensuring that our patients and community receive the best care and experience possibly, we aim to appreciate those who go out of their way to be a light. With the first Extra Mile award given to Colt Jenkins in May of 2023, LeConte Medical Center gives out this award on a quarterly basis. 

One goes the Extra Mile when they go above what is expected of them. In addition, they strived to not only make a greater impact than required but displayed special energy to accomplish the task at hand.

To showcase your appreciation for a staff member who went the extra mile, we encourage you to complete the below nomination form.

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