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The Nurse Navigator Program for Breast Cancer Patients

In order to continually improve services for breast cancer patients, Cumberland Medical Center uses a breast health service called “The Nurse Navigator Program.”

When you’re fighting breast cancer, the Nurse Navigator Program is designed to help you navigate the maze of options and frequent questions related to breast cancer. This role is designed to complement the services provided by the physician.

The Nurse Navigator Program provides education and emotional support for you, as well as your family members, and serves as a liaison between you and your treatment providers. With guidance and assistance from the Nurse Navigator, you can rely on the timely delivery of diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up services, which are key components of successful recovery.

The Nurse Navigator’s Role

Struggling with breast cancer will never be easy. However, the Nurse Navigator is here to help ease your burden and facilitate your treatment. The Navigator’s responsibilities are to: 

  • Serve as a liaison to patients, physicians, and other hospital departments
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork to achieve optimal clinical and resource outcomes within effective time frames
  • Manage on-call responsibilities for patient access
  • Coordinate appointments with providers
  • Support you and your family with the psychological and psychosocial stresses of being diagnosed with cancer and the treatment process
  • Following up with you at regular intervals prior to, during, and after your treatment
  • Provide education to hospital staff, and physician offices pertaining to oncology services and programs as needed
  • Work with patients utilizing services through the Breast Center and Cancer Center

You and your family do not have to face breast cancer alone — our Nurse Navigator is available to guide and support you in your fight.

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