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Stroke Care at Claiborne Medical Center

Time lost is brain lost, so if you think you or a loved one may be experiencing a stroke, it’s important you get help as quickly as possible. Claiborne Medical Center is designated as an Acute Stroke Ready Center as part of the Covenant Health stroke network.

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Stroke Care

Recognized by The Joint Commission as an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital, Claiborne Medical Center is dedicated to providing lifesaving stroke treatment when you or a loved one need it most. Being recognized as an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital means our hospital staff is trained to deliver the highest standards of clinical care when identifying and treating patients with stroke symptoms.

As part of the region’s only stroke network, we are prepared to give you the very best care possible. No matter where you live in East Tennessee, lifesaving stroke treatment is always nearby.

What is a Stroke?

A stroke happens when the blood flow to an area of the brain is interrupted by a blocked or broken blood vessel (vein, artery, or capillary). Blood can no longer travel to the affected area, and cells begin to die.  Without prompt medical treatment, the result is lost or impaired mental and physical abilities.

Claiborne Medical Center is Part of the Region’s Only Stroke Network

Claiborne Medical Center is part of Covenant Health, the only network of stroke hospitals in East Tennessee. Our network has the advanced diagnostics needed to diagnose stroke quickly and the ability to administer Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA), a medicine that breaks down stroke-causing blood clots. 

Across Covenant Health’s stroke network, more than 92% of patients who come to the emergency department with stroke symptoms are seen in less than 15 minutes.

Rehabilitation from Stroke

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death and a leading cause of serious, long-term adult disability.

Covenant Health’s Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center can help you or your loved one overcome disability and rediscover a satisfactory, productive lifestyle within the limits imposed by the stroke. 

The staff at the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center has extensive experience in helping patients to recover from stroke and consists of skilled professionals such as: 

  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Rehab psychologists (behavioral medicine)
  • Nursing staff
  • Case managers
  • Recreation therapists
  • Physiatrists

Claiborne Medical Center

  • Hospital
  • Emergency Room
  • Laboratory

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