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Critical Care Services at Claiborne Medical Center

Comprehensive critical care areas need specialized care due to their level of sickness and unique medical needs.

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Critical Care Unit at Claiborne Medical Center

When you or a loved one needs critical care services, Claiborne Medical Center is here for you. We believe in prompt, efficient service. In addition, we also want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your visit. 

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A Patient-Centered Critical Care Unit

We developed our Critical Care Unit with our patients in mind:

  • Claiborne Medical Center has five suites for persons with life-threatening conditions.
  • Staff continually monitor your or your loved one’s treatment and progress. We offer 24-hour observation, joining skilled patient care with the latest bedside technology.
  • Specially trained physicians, nurses, and technicians provide state-of-the-art medical care. All CCU nurses are trained in advanced cardiac life support.
  • Doctors are available around the clock to admit patients to Critical Care and provide consultations in cardiology and other specialties.

We care about your health and well-being.

Critical Care Unit Visitor Guidelines

Patients in the critical care areas are very ill and have an increased need for rest; therefore, we have restricted visitation to these areas. 

Our visitation and family guidelines include: 

  • We allow 30 minutes for visitation with CCU patients. 
  • We also have additional visitation restrictions due to the COVID-19 virus; no minors are allowed to visit at this time and only one visitor per patient at a time.
  • We ask that patients’ belongings (clothing, electronics, valuables, etc.) be taken home with the family when the patient is admitted to our unit. Not only will this help keep personal belongings safe, but it also helps our staff keep the surrounding environment clean and safe for our patients.
  • If possible, please designate one person from your family to serve as the primary point of contact for updates and communication about your loved one’s care. 
  • If you’re calling our unit for an update about your loved one, please be prepared to provide the PIN for the patient to receive any information.
  • Always wash your hands upon entering and before leaving the room.

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