FLAME Award Winner – Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson receiving her FLAME awardOur staff members know that listening to a patient’s concerns can completely change their experience in the hospital. Kelly Johnson, RT, our latest FLAME Award winner, took the time to listen to her patient and get to the bottom of why the patient wasn’t improving as expected. Kelly’s patient normally slept with a BiPap machine at night to help with her breathing but was having issues using the machine originally provided by the hospital during her stay because it was different from the one she used at home. Kelly found something similar to what the patient normally used at home and switched the machine. Immediately, the patient’s oxygen saturation improved, and the patient was able to sleep for the first time in days. Kelly’s patient called her an angel and said that she was her superhero.

The FLAME Award was created by FSRMC’s Patient Family Partnership Council in 2018 to recognize our non-nurse employees who have gone above and beyond to improve the hospital experience for our patients and their family members. To nominate an extraordinary staff member, click here.

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