First Impressions for Your Candidates

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Handshake ImageYou’ve been advertising an open position for some time, and you have a few candidates you are scheduled to interview.  How can you win the rockstar?

  • SHARE YOUR EXCITEMENT – When you call to schedule an interview be sure your tone of voice shares your excitement about meeting him/her. “Good afternoon Sally!  I’m calling you from Covenant Health as I’ve just reviewed your resume for _____position.  Your resume is outstanding!  It looks like you have the skills and experience to be successful here.  I’d love to spend some time together to learn more about you and your career goals as well as share more about the role and opportunities for you here at Covenant Health.”
  • SHARE PERSONAL STORIES – When meeting with the candidate, always include personal stories about how you and/or other team members have grown professionally. “During my 25 years here at Covenant Health I have had the opportunity to work in five different departments which has not only increased my business acumen but has broadened my network of mentors and friends.  When I first started, I had no education beyond high school.  Today, I have a Master’s degree and Covenant Health supported me financially through this entire process.  I have accomplished things and participated in projects that I never imagined and have grown so much.  This is a great organization!”
  • SHARE THE INTERVIEW – When possible, include a peer interview team that has been through LLD’s Behavioral Interviewing class.
  • ASK BEHAVIORAL QUESTIONS – After taking LLD’s Behavioral Interviewing class you should have a good list of behavioral interview questions that help you learn more about a candidate. These questions lead the candidate to share about their past experiences which will help you better understand how they respond and relate to others.
  • SPEND TIME OUTSIDE THE INTERVIEW – If possible, take the candidate to lunch or have them job shadow for a couple of hours in your department (review job shadow paperwork and policy for additional information). You can often learn more about a candidate by watching them interact in a setting outside of the interview.  Watch to see how they interact with others (be it in your department or hospital cafeteria).
  • SHARE MATERIALS – Create a folder of information to give the candidate that includes your contact information, dress code, job description, our Pledge and Standards & Behaviors, and anything else you often get questions about.
  • HOST A TOUR – Take time for a tour of your department and/or your facility so they are familiar with location of their workstation (which you should have decorated with a welcome sign, goodie bag, etc), the restrooms, the cafeteria (if applicable), etc.
  • FOLLOW UP – Within 2 days, reach out to the candidate after their interview to provide an update on your search process, ask if there are any questions you can answer and/or make them an offer!
  • ASSIGN A MENTOR – Plan ahead and have a designated team member that will serve as the mentor for your new team member. Note – When selecting a mentor, ensure the team member models our Standards & Behaviors and is a high performer.


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