Welcome to Full Circle

Posted on May 25, 2018

When I became CEO of Covenant Health, one of my first goals was to create a vision for the organization that was worthy of each team member’s best. That was followed by the creation of a written Pledge of Excellence, which I signed and which has been signed by every Covenant Health board member, employee and volunteer.

The pledge is a promise – a covenant with our patients and communities – to always put the patient first, strive for excellence in everything we do, and make Covenant Health the first and best choice for those we serve. We are committed to providing excellent care for every patient, every time. That’s the ultimate measure of our success.

Our Pledge of Excellence now serves as an investment of individual and collective energies – and it yields many positive returns. When our team is focused, energized and passionate about delivering excellent care, it helps us achieve better outcomes for our patients. When we put specific initiatives in place to improve the health of our communities, it strengthens our commitment to better health and wellness for ourselves and for all those we serve.

By pledging excellence in everything we do, our work comes full circle: We expect excellence. Inspire excellence. Create excellence. Achieve excellence.

That’s why this new blog is titled Full Circle.

In my effort to live out Covenant Health’s pledge, I’ll be sharing news and personal insights with you about how we’re striving for excellence on your behalf – through our community mission, expanding services and patient resources, navigating an ever-changing industry and more.

I am very proud that our employees and physicians are continually learning new ways to better serve you. I am also committed to interacting frequently with our patients and community members to hear your perspective and ideas. As I update you on what we’re doing at Covenant Health and what plans are on the horizon, I’ll describe specific ways that we’re fulfilling our mission of improving our region’s quality of life through better health.

And I promise that at Covenant Health, our “full circle” of excellence will always begin and end with our most important priority: putting our patients and communities first. That’s my commitment to you.