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Medical Records

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Medical Records, or Health Information Management (HIM) as it is now known, is responsible for your complete medical record once you have been discharged from the hospital. 

As of November 13, 2023, requests for medical records are processed by Covenant Health’s Centralized Release of Information department.

If you need to retrieve medical records, these options are available:  

    • Covenant Health Patient Portal: Sign up for the MyCovenantHealth patient portal online at or call 865-374-5269 and a customer service representative will assist you with setting up your portal access. Records can be viewed, downloaded and printed from the portal.

    • Request in Writing: Request an authorization form at the Covenant Health facility’s registration area. You will need to show valid identification. Your request/authorization will be forwarded to Centralized Release of Information. The request will be processed and returned via email, mail or fax as noted on the authorization form.

    • Request Electronic Authorization: Call the Release of Information Department at 865-374-5269. A customer representative will email an authorization form that you can fill out and submit electronically.

Centralized Release of Information

Phone: 865-374-5269

Note: Covenant Health strives to process requests within 10 days. Applicable fees apply per federal and state guidelines.

Birth Certificates

Please note that we do not keep copies of birth certificates on our premises for those born at Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System. Original certificates are sent to the State of Tennessee for filing. You can contact the Tennessee Vital Records department by phone or mail (info below), and they will send you a copy. Please note that certain fees may apply.

Tennessee Vital Records
421 5th Ave. North Central Services Bldg. 1st Floor
Nashville, TN 37247
Phone: 615-741-1763

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