MMCF – Holiday Lights for Health

2020 Holiday Lights Program


Our annual Holiday Lights campaign raises money for the Hospitality Houses of Methodist Medical Center, which provide temporary lodging for patients and families who travel to Oak Ridge for extended medical treatment. This campaign is a unique opportunity to help our patients and their families when they need it most and pay tribute to the important people in your life during the holiday season.

How does my gift make a difference?

Your donation, regardless of the amount, will touch the lives of our guests. At the houses, our guests find lodging, food, rest and, most of all, companionship for the journey as they deal with stressful times and difficult diagnoses. All these services are provided free of charge thanks to your generous support.

Who can I pay tribute to with my gift?

A Holiday Lights donation is a wonderful way to honor friends, loved ones, and colleagues during this season of giving. We’ll share your generosity by sending special honorarium or memorial cards to whomever you designate when you make your gift. Simply use the form in our brochure to list your tributes.

Who is helped by Holiday Lights for Health:

Quilt by Ruth Borck
Kim Maes and Megan Jones with Methodist’s Hospitality Houses display Ruth Borck’s labor of love. The beautiful handmade quilt was sewn as an expression of gratitude to the Hospitality Houses and will be gifted one day to another patient in need.

Care and Comfort When It Matters Most
Ruth and David Borck were traveling home to Illinois after a trip to Florida. During an overnight stop in Fairfield Glade, Ruth awoke in the middle of the night, suffering from a heart attack and struggling to breathe. An ambulance took her to Covenant Health’s Cumberland Medical Center, where she was stabilized then transferred to sister facility Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge. She underwent a heart catheterization and a stent placement, which ended up saving her life.

Ruth’s husband David recalls how the Methodist hospital staff told him about the Hospitality Houses. “You can go back and forth across the street,” David says. “It’s a pleasant place to be, with nice bedrooms and a kitchen. It’s like having your own house across from the hospital. It made a huge difference.”

The Borcks have three grown children, eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, several of whom immediately came to be by Ruth’s side. The family was able to be together at the Hospitality Houses and avoid the cost of a hotel, which relieved an
extreme burden. Ruth spent five days in the hospital before she and David made the remaining trip back home to Illinois.
“I think the Hospitality House is the greatest thing,” Ruth says. “It is a wonderful place to be, especially for a nervous family.”
“Mr. Borck was very concerned about his wife’s health and we can play a part in making such a scary situation a little bit less stressful,” said Megan Jones who works with Hospitality House guests such as the Borcks. “Working in the Hospitality Houses is
such a blessing. You really feel like you are making a difference in not just the patient’s life but their loved ones’ lives as well. Being able to connect with them during some of the hardest times in their lives really touches your heart.”

The entire Borck family is grateful for their experience at Methodist Medical Center and the Hospitality Houses. “I was afraid because I was far from home,” Ruth remembers. “It was a real blessing.”

From the hearts of our friends & guests…

“Staying here saved us a lot of money and time… it takes a lot of worry off a person’s mind during a hard time.” — cancer patient and family from Kingston, Tennessee

“We have been here for three weeks and would have been lost without the Hospitality Houses. God sends us who and what we need at the perfect time.” — guests from Texas

“At this time of year, supporting Holiday Lights for Health is the most appropriate way I know to remember loved ones, honor family and friends, recognize colleagues, and acknowledge employees and clients. Dave and I have experienced needing to be near a hospital in a strange city for several weeks at a time. We understand that the Hospitality Houses are a remarkable gift, a safe haven, for patients and their families.” — Martha Moore Hobson