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Women’s Health Services at Fort Loudoun Medical Center

Here at Fort Loudoun Medical Center, providing top-quality care to women is a top priority. If you’re seeking excellence in women’s healthcare services, Fort Loudoun Medical Center is ready to provide you with the comprehensive, personalized women’s health services you deserve. 

Read on to learn more about our signature women’s health services and dedicated, expert team of caring women’s healthcare providers.

Women’s Health Services Offered at Fort Loudoun Medical Center

You don’t need to travel far to access high-quality women’s healthcare services. At our convenient Lenoir City location, we offer a wide variety of important women’s health services, including—

  • Advanced technology to help doctors detect breast cancer
  • Bone densitometry for diagnosing and assessing osteoporosis
  • Ultrasound for viewing blood vessels, internal organs, and other tissues

Read on to learn more about our women’s healthcare services.

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Women’s Healthcare Services

Bone Density Screening
Picture Archival and Communication System
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What is a Mammogram? And Why is it Important?

Mammograms are a vital part of your holistic women’s healthcare services after the age of 40. But why? What does this test offer you, and why is it so important? Learn all the hows and whys of mammography, and reach out to schedule yours today!


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