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Fort Loudoun Medical Center Phone Directory

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Here is a phone directory for Fort Loudoun Medical Center’s most frequently requested departments and services. If you need assistance reaching an unknown number, call our main line at 865-271-6000.

Billing 865-374-3000
Emergency Department 865-271-6035
Imaging/Radiology 865-271-6045
Lab 865-271-6050
Mammogram/Bone Density Screening 865-374-7465
Medical Records 865-374-5269
Medical Records Fax 865-374-2038
Nursing Administration Fax 865-271-6288
Occupational Health 865-271-6065
Occupational Health Fax 865-271-6233
Pharmacy 865-271-6370
Pharmacy Fax 865-271-6366
Physical Therapy Centers: Covenant Therapy Centers – PT, OT, Speech
    Lenoir City 865-271-6080
    Lenoir City Fax 865-374-2244
    Loudon 865-458-1306
    Loudon Fax 865-458-3109
Plant Engineering 865-271-6445
Plant Engineering Fax 865-271-6475
Primary Care – Fort Loudoun Primary Care 865-271-6600
Quality and Case Management 865-271-6507
Quality and Case Management Fax 865-271-6516
Schedule a Mammogram or Bone Density Exam 865-374-7465
Schedule a Primary Care Appointment – Fort Loudoun Primary Care 865-271-6600
Scheduling – scheduling, canceling, or changing appt. 865-374-4000
Security 865-271-6449
Security Fax 865-271-6209
Surgical Services 865-271-6420
Surgical Services Fax 865-271-6421
Volunteer Services 865-271-6055
Covenant Health