Current Visitation Policy

Visitation policies have changed at our hospitals, nursing homes and practices due to COVID-19.

Please protect the health and safety of our patients, residents, and employees by adhering to the following guidelines:


All visitors are screened for COVID-19 symptoms and asked to wear masks, remain in the room with the patient, and limit travel inside the hospital to the cafeteria and vending machine areas.

Specifics for each patient area include:

  • Inpatient: Patients may have two designated visitors during their stay; one visitor at a time.
  • Isolation patients, including suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients: Visitation is limited to visitors who are essential to the patient’s care. If visitation is allowed, the visitor should remain in the room and wear appropriate PPE.
  • Emergency department patients: One designated visitor per patient.
  • Ambulatory and outpatients: Visitation is limited to one visitor who is determined to be essential to the patient’s care.

Nursing Homes

  • ONLY visitors essential for end-of-life care may enter.
  • NO ONE with any illness (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.) should enter our facility.

Medical Practices

  • If you have recently traveled outside of the country or have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, please call the office BEFORE coming in for your appointment so that we may prepare for your arrival.
  • This requirement also applies to anyone accompanying you to your appointment.