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Cardiac rehabilitation helps heart patients have more successful outcomes.

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What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation, also known as “cardiac rehab,” is a program that helps people recover from heart disease. Heart patients who follow a cardiac rehabilitation program as directed by their doctors feel better, live longer and lead healthier lives. 

Cardiac rehab is helpful for patients who have had:

  • A heart attack or other forms of heart disease
  • Bypass or other heart surgery 
  • A heart transplant
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What Does Cardiac Rehab Involve?

Cardiac rehab programs are vital for recovery and usually focus on exercise, education, counseling, and behavior change. When you attend cardiac rehab at Claiborne Medical Center, these four components typically include: 

  • Exercise: usually in a group setting, while meeting your individual needs
  • Education: focusing on managing heart disease, meeting dietary goals, and following a treatment plan
  • Counseling: identifying high-risk behaviors that can harm your heart’s health
  • Behavior change: developing skills to help you adopt low-risk, healthy behaviors

Patients usually start the program while still in the hospital and continue as an outpatient. Rehab may last for several weeks or months. During the program, it’s very important to follow instructions, ask questions, and report any symptoms you may have.


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