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exterior shot of a Covenant Health building

Claiborne Medical Center

Covenant Health Claiborne Medical Center is a 85-bed hospital located in New Tazewell, Tennessee, with over 350 Covenant Health employees and 100 active and courtesy physicians. Claiborne Medical Center offers a full range of medical services and provides skilled long-term care through Covenant Health Claiborne Health & Rehabilitation Center.

  • Critical Care Unit (CCU): 5 CCU beds
  • Emergency Department (ED): 9 Emergency beds
  • Med/Surg: 21-bed diverse medical surgical unit
  • Surgery: 3 operating rooms
  • Nursing Home: Claiborne Health and Rehabilitation Center is a 100-bed nursing home facility with both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care beds. It was recently recognized by U.S. News and World Report with two designations, naming it amongst the top nursing homes in Tennessee.
exterior shot of the entrance of Claiborne Medical Center

exterior shot of Cumberland Medical Center

Cumberland Medical Center

Covenant Health Cumberland Medical Center is a 189-bed hospital in Crossville, Tennessee, with more than 650 Covenant Health employees and 175 active physicians. Cumberland Medical Center offers a full range of specialty services, including cardiology, gastroenterology, surgery, orthopedics, maternity services, cancer care, and advanced wound care.

  • Emergency Department: 24 emergency beds
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU): 12 ICU beds
  • Labor & Delivery: 12 LDRP suites
  • Med/Surg
  • Surgery: 9 operating room surgery suites
  • Telemetry

Fort Loudoun Medical Center

Covenant Health Fort Loudoun Medical Center is a 50-bed hospital in Lenoir City, Tennessee, with over 250 Covenant Health employees and 200 active and courtesy physicians. Fort Loudoun Medical Center is an Advanced Primary Stroke Center and is consistently recognized for clinical and service excellence.

  • Critical Care Unit (CCU): 5 ICU beds
  • Emergency Department (ED): 12 Emergency Beds
  • Med/Surg: 45 bed high-intensity and diverse medical surgical unit
  • Surgery/GI: 2 operating rooms and 2 GI suites
exterior shot of Fort Loudoun Medical Center

exterior shot of Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Covenant Health Fort Sanders Medical Center is a 468-bed hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee, with more than 1,900 Covenant Health employees and 350active and courtesy physicians. Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is the region’s referral center for stroke, neurosurgery, orthopedics, cancer, cardiology, neurology, surgery, and obstetrics. Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center has served the East Tennessee region with over 100 years of medical excellence.

  • 2N/Cardiology: 23 bed cardiac telemetry unit
  • 3 North/Post-Surgical: 31 bed unit where patients recover after general surgeries
  • 5 North/Neuroscience: 35 bed, private room unit, includes complex stroke, post stroke, and neuro-med surg
  • 7 North/Pulmonary Med Surg: 34 bed pulmonary care unit
  • 8 North/Oncology: 34 bed unit including 8 semi-private rooms and 4 neutropenic rooms focused on both treatment and palliative care
  • 3 West/Nephrology: 17 bed telemetry unit
  • 5 West/Orthopedics & Bariatric Surgery: 27 bed unit, including bariatric surgery, total joint replacement, hip fractures, and spine patients
  • 9/Transitional Care Unit: provides extended physical or occupational therapy or skilled nursing care to patients transitioning from hospital to home
  • Critical Care Unit (CCU): currently 45 beds, with construction underway! The new critical care department will occupy two floors that will be built atop the Center for Advanced Medicine, nearly doubling current critical care capacity to approximately 72 beds
  • Emergency Department: 52 emergency beds, after recent construction almost doubled the existing square footage of the ED
  • Float Pool: consisting of nurses with a wide skill set that are trained to staff the Critical Care and/or Acute Care areas
  • Labor & Delivery: 7 antepartum suites; 14 labor, delivery, and recovery suites; 6 LDRP suites; and 34 postpartum suites
  • Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Hospital location on site
  • Surgery: 16 suite, fast-paced unit that performs over 10,000 procedures each year

LeConte Medical Center

Covenant Health LeConte Medical Center is a 79-bed hospital in Sevierville, Tennessee, with over 500 Covenant Health employees and 140 active and courtesy physicians. LeConte Medical Center offers 24-hour emergency care, family-centered maternity care, surgical services, a comprehensive cancer center, physical therapy clinics, and is an Advanced Primary Stroke Center.

  • Critical Care Unit (CCU): 8 ICU & 8 step-down beds
  • Emergency Department (ED): 30 ER beds with 8 beds for chest pain; known as the busiest ER in the Covenant Health system
  • Float Pool: consisting of nurses with a wide skill set that are trained to staff the Critical Care and/or Acute Care areas
  • Fort Sanders Sevier Nursing Home: 54 bed nursing home
  • Med/Surg: 42 bed unit
  • OB/GYN: One hall with 10 LDRP beds and one hall with 9 rooms, which include a nursery, a 2 bed triage unit, 1 recovery room, and 1 room OR suite.
  • Surgery: 4 surgery suites and 2 endoscopy suites
exterior shot of LeConte Medical Center

exterior shot of Methodist Medical Center

Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge

Covenant Health Methodist Medical Center is a 301-bed hospital in Oak Ridge, Tennessee with over 1,100 Covenant Health employees and 200 active and courtesy physicians. Methodist Medical Center provides more than 30 medical specialties, ranging from cardiology and orthopedics to cancer care. It is also an Advanced Primary Stroke Center.

  • Cardiology
  • Critical Care Unit: 25 ICU beds, 8 step-down beds
  • Emergency Department: 38 emergency suites
  • Family Birthing Center: 8 LDRP suites
  • GI Lab
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedic Med/Surg
  • Ortho-Neuro Unit: 30-bed ortho-neuro unit
  • Pulmonary Unit
  • Surgery: 13 surgery suites

Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System

Covenant Health Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System is a 167-bed hospital in Morristown, Tennessee, with over 600 Covenant Health employees and 150 active and courtesy physicians. Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System has Six Centers of Excellence, including the Heart, Lung, & Vascular Center, Women’s Center, Breast Center, Morristown Regional Cancer Center, Outpatient Surgery Center, and Emergency & Critical Care Center.

  • 2 South/Surgery Unit: 21 Med/Surg and Postpartum Beds
  • 3 South/Pediatric Unit: 12 Stroke/Med Surg Beds
  • 3 North/Medical/Surgical Unit: 14 Orthopedic/Oncology Beds
  • 4 South/Medical Unit: 27 Med Surg Beds
  • Critical Care Unit: 12 critical care beds with 2 overflow beds in the Intermediate Care Unit
  • Emergency Department: 23 emergency beds
  • Intermediate Care Unit: 12 intermediate care beds
  • Labor & Delivery: 7 labor and delivery suites
  • Senior Behavioral Health Unit: 12 bed unit
  • Surgery: 10 surgery suites and 2 GI specialty suites
  • Telemetry
exterior shot of Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System

Parkwest Medical Center exterior

Parkwest Medical Center

Covenant Health Parkwest Medical Center is a 307-bed hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee, with 1,700 employees and more than 500 active and courtesy physicians. Parkwest Medical Center provides the region’s leading cardiac services, has a nationally recognized emergency department, and offers award-winning care in orthopedics, neurosurgery, and obstetrics.

  • Cardiology, Renal, Pulmonary: recently located and expanded to a 44-bed unit, specializes in peritoneal dialysis and intensive acuity patients with tracheostomies
  • Cardiac Specialty: 33 telemetry bed unit whose primary scope of service is provision of direct care to patients undergoing Cardiac Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures.
  • Cardio-Thoracic Surgical: 17 telemetry bed unit providing direct care to patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass surgery, TAVR, Mitral Valve Clipping, VATS procedures, Thoracotomies, and Vascular procedures
  • Critical Care: 30-bed comprehensive care unit
  • Complex Medical: 33-bed unit caring for patients acutely ill with a range of medical issues or who are recently recovering from surgery
  • Emergency Department: fast-paced 39-bed unit caring for a variety of patients with different levels of acuity
  • Float Pool: consists of nurses with a wide skill set that are trained to staff the Critical Care and/or Acute Care areas
  • Labor & Delivery: 20 LDRP suites, with an 4 additional rooms currently under construction
  • Neurology & Step-Down: 27-bed unit, which includes up to 8 step-down beds, specializing in stroke, neuro, and neuro-surgical patient care
  • Observation Unit: a brand-new unit at Parkwest, this 32-bed unit hosts patients whose typical stay will be less than 24 hours before getting discharged or transferred for additional care
  • Oncology, Gynecology, Surgery: 44-bed unit that is a high-volume, predominantly post-surgical unit with a broad range of surgical service lines
  • Orthopedic Med/Surg: 36-bed unit hosted in the new Dogwood Tower
  • Orthopedic Spine: 36-bed unit hosted in the new Dogwood Tower
  • Senior Behavioral Health: 16-bed unit that specializes in geriatrics with neurocognitive disorders, as well as medical issues that may influence behaviors needing immediate treatment/care 
  • Surgery: currently have 27 surgery suits, soon to be 30 surgery suites

Peninsula Behavioral Health

Covenant Health Peninsula Behavioral Health Hospital is a division of Parkwest Medical Center. Peninsula Behavioral Health is a 155-bed behavioral health hospital located in Louisville, Tennessee, offering both inpatient and outpatient services for children, adolescents and adults, Peninsula is a leader in the changing healthcare environment in East Tennessee. 

The hospital is located in Blount County, with outpatient centers in Knox, Blount, Loudon, and Sevier Counties. Additionally, Peninsula offers care specifically designed for seniors with co-existing psychiatric and medical conditions at the Senior Behavioral Center located at Parkwest Medical Center. Peninsula is truly committed to improving the health of the people and communities it serves.

exterior photo of Peninsula building from road

exterior shot of Roane Medical Center

Roane Medical Center

Covenant Health Roane Medical Center is a 54-bed hospital located in Harriman, Tennessee, with almost 300 Covenant Health employees and 90 active and courtesy physicians. Roane Medical Center has a six-bed intensive care unit, diagnostic cath lab, sleep lab, and offers surgical services and specialized women’s imaging services.

  • Critical Care Unit: 6 private ICU beds
  • Emergency Department: 15 emergency suites
  • Med/Surg: 48 private bed unit equipped with modern technologies
  • Surgery: 4 surgery suites, 2 GI suites

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