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Local woman finds relief at Covenant Health Therapy Center – Harriman

Pain can be frustrating and inconvenient for anyone. For Donna Mann, arm pain had impacted her day-to-day life and limited her in what she could do. Mann discovered she had a left humerus fracture that caused pain and swelling throughout her left arm. Her doctor recommended she visit Covenant Health Therapy Center – Harriman for help rehabilitating and getting her back to doing the things she enjoyed.

At the Therapy Center

Before going to physical therapy, Mann used a cane and needed help performing simple tasks like making a sandwich. She had also stopped her weekly visits with friends due to pain. Now, she’s back to feeling like herself and credits her therapist, Andrea Chasteen, PT, for her recovery.

Andrea was like a miracle worker,” says Mann. “She helped turn a bad situation into a positive one.

Mann’s swelling throughout her arm and hand was the first obstacle Chasteen tackled. Chasteen used exercises and massages to help reduce the swelling and demonstrated how to do them at home to Mann and her daughter.

“Donna’s swelling was impacting her to the point that she couldn’t even make a fist. We worked on massages to reduce some of the fluid build-up, and I showed her daughter how to do the massages at home,” says Chasteen. “We also wrapped the arm and used a glove on the hand to help reduce swelling.”

Once the swelling was down, Chasteen worked with Mann on shoulder movement. At first, Chasteen had to assist in lifting Mann’s arm. As the weeks went on and Mann continued her exercises, she regained some of her strength. She then used her right arm to support lifting the left until her movement improved enough to use her left arm alone.

Finding Joy Again

Mann visited the therapy center twice a week for 12 weeks and showed progress with each visit.

I couldn’t go anywhere but up, and I had joy in getting to go to physical therapy My daughter and I looked forward to it every day. It was just a wonderful experience. Andrea made it so fun, and we laughed so much.

“It was really neat to watch her progress,” said Chasteen. “She would come to me every week with her latest accomplishment like ‘I got dressed by myself!’ or ‘I reached a cabinet!’ I was glad to watch her quality of life improve and see her reach milestones.”

“I can’t thank Andrea enough. She was so good to work with, and it was nice to work with someone who has fun with what they’re doing,” said Mann.

Mann’s experience at Covenant Health Therapy Center – Harriman brought back her quality of life that she had pre-injury. She now is back to visiting friends, doing chores and using her arm pain-free.

To learn more about physical therapy at Covenant Health Therapy Center – Harriman, call 865-316-2950.

Do you need physical therapy?

Covenant Health Therapy Center – Harriman treats a variety of orthopedic and medical conditions. Our expert physical and occupational therapists can treat pain in any area of the body, including the ankles and feet, back and neck, hands and wrists, knees, hips and shoulders.

Therapists can also treat chronic pain, help with sport or work injuries and perform post-surgical rehabilitation. Specialists can help with medical conditions such as carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, plantar fasciitis, TMJ and vertigo. It is also the only therapy center in Roane County to offer aquatic therapy, which can assist patients with chronic pain and decrease pain and stress on weight-bearing joints. 

Andrea Chasteen, PT, recommends physical therapy to anyone experiencing pain so therapists can work with you to get your body back to moving correctly without pain. Patients can self-refer to physical therapy or talk with their health care provider about a referral.

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