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Winter Weather Warning: Frostbite

Winter weather and cold temperatures can be dangerous, especially to your body. This is why it is critical to protect yourself – and your skin – from cold-weather conditions.

Savoring Simple Pleasures, One Step at a Time

When Nichol Langley arrived for her first appoint­ment at Methodist Wound Treatment Center, she had already been through a lot. What began with a seemingly simple symptom had led to a battle against a rare form of cancer and a challenging surgery. But her fight didn’t end there. Langley needed ex­pert help to recover from her surgery. The incision from her cancer surgery wouldn’t fully heal and she was at risk of developing critical complications.

Wound Warning System

The Methodist Wound Treatment Center wants to remind people with diabetes that they are at a higher risk for non-healing foot wounds – and therefore amputations – than most Americans, […]

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