Covenant Health Therapy Center – West Knoxville Earns Center of Excellence Designation in Oncology Rehabilitation

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It’s a personal triumph for a physical therapist and a win for cancer patients in Tennessee. Covenant Health Therapy Center – West Knoxville is now designated as a prestigious Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation Institute (PORI) Center of Excellence. It is the first clinic in East Tennessee to receive this designation and one of only two in the state.

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Physical therapist Jennifer Galloway stands near the Biodex Biostep machine she uses to help cancer patients in their rehabilitation. Covenant Health Therapy Center – West Knoxville is the first physical therapy clinic in East Tennessee designated as a Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation Institute (PORI) Center of Excellence.

The recognition was received after Jennifer Galloway, PT, DPT, successfully completed PORI’s specialized training in physical therapy for cancer patients. Galloway’s certification, which was funded by generous donors, allowed the therapy center to achieve Center of Excellence status.

“This program is designed for every oncology patient with every type of cancer in each stage of recovery,” Galloway says. “Our program is able to help all patients.”

Physical Therapy for Cancer Patients

Galloway’s certification opens doors to comprehensive care for cancer patients, from diagnosis through treatment and into post-cancer recovery. Individualized programs are tailored to each patient’s needs, working to ease the side effects of chemotherapy, lessen fatigue, enhance mobility, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Rigorous training with more than 750 cases of oncology physical therapy interventions led to Galloway’s designation as an Oncology Certified Specialist. The training focused especially on patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments for various forms of cancer affecting critical areas such as the breast, lung, head, neck, pelvic region and lower extremities.

“One of the most fascinating things that I learned in this program is how to prescribe a physical therapy plan of care based on the type of chemotherapy that a patient will receive,” Galloway says. “If I know the type of chemotherapy, I can help prescribe different physical therapy interventions to help mitigate expected side effects.”

For Galloway, this certification is more than a professional accolade; it’s a testament to her deeply personal connection to oncology care. Her path in this specialized area began when a close friend and colleague unexpectedly became a patient.

“Her cancer diagnosis profoundly impacted my career,” Galloway says, “and it helped me realize that physical therapists should be treating active cancer patients to help improve their prognosis and quality of life.”

Later, two members of Galloway’s family were diagnosed with cancer, which provided even more motivation.

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Mark Conley, Manager of Covenant Health Therapy Center West

Mark Conley, manager at Covenant Health Therapy Center – West Knoxville, commends Galloway’s dedication to advancing patient care. Working with her for more than 25 years, Conley has witnessed Galloway’s unwavering commitment to her patients, characterized by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and specialization to provide evidence-based treatments.

“She started with acquiring her post-professional clinical doctorate in physical therapy and she continued with the acquisition of other specialty knowledge and certifications,” Conley says. “And here’s the best part: she has accomplished all these things purely out of a desire to do more to help others.”

Conley calls Galloway an extremely humble person with an enormous talent. “It’s a real honor to have worked alongside her for all these years,” he says.

Conley says the therapy center’s new designation in oncology rehabilitation aligns with Covenant Health’s commitment to putting the patients first and delivering excellence in clinical care.

“Thanks to Jennifer’s achievement, we are now a recognized Center of Excellence for treating this population,” Conley says. “This is another example of why Covenant Health is the first and best choice for patient care in our region.”

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