Aquatic Therapy

Woman doing aquatic therapy in indoor pool

Aquatic therapy is an exercise program that is designed and led by a physical therapist and performed in water in a pool. Exercise performed in water provides buoyancy and decreases the pain and stress on weight-bearing joints while providing resistance to help build muscle strength and mobility.

Benefits of aquatic therapy:
Patients who have benefited include those with:
young female doctor in mask supporting elderly female patient in mask
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With as much good as TAVR surgery does, I don’t know why anybody who’s having problems wouldn’t do it.

Roy Ogle, Covenant Health’s First TAVR Patient


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Dr. Riedel saved my life. He was the one who made the call, just for peace of mind, to do that heart cath. The hospitals are just the best I’ve ever been in, I’ve never had a bad experience.

Chris Tatum, Covenant Patient

Heart Catheterization

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Cardiac rehab at Fort Sanders Regional Hospital has helped strengthen my heart and helped renew my spirit.

Jessie Hood, Covenant Patient

Cardiac Rehabilitation