Diets don’t work

95% of people who go on diets gain back the weight and even more. This is because diets are often unhealthy, with no variety, and there is usually no exercise included.

Exercise is the key to keeping weight off

Studies show that the only people who lose weight without putting it right back on are people who engage in regular exercise. Building muscle will boost your metabolism, where you burn more calories all day long.


It is hard to stay motivated without group and moral support. It is my hope that this site can be one source of encouragement and support for your weight loss journey. I do strongly encourage you to find a buddy or group to support you.

Realistic Goals

True weight loss, where you are losing fat and not just water weight should happen at the rate of 1-2 pounds a week. Trying to lose 5 pounds the first month is more realistic than 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

Changing food choices and food preparation

Diets don’t work, but you can save calories by learning to create tasty chicken dishes without frying, or using heavy cream sauces. The recipes found on this site are all healthy and low in calories and fat.

Keep track of your progress

Tracking progress and writing down what you do are ways to keep you on track. On this site you will find “workout schedules” to help you know how much exercise is necessary to lose and keep weight off. I encourage you to keep a notebook each month.


Variety is important; in food choices and exercise. My exercise plans combine aerobics, strength training and stretching.


Meeting other people who are also struggling with weight loss issues is a way to help you stay motivated and learn from others how to change old habits.

Get educated

Learning why we put on excess pounds and how our bodies react to exercise can give us the tools to keep healthy and to not gain weight.

Have fun

Making exercise a fun activity and not putting yourself on a stringent diet is the best way to make weight loss goals come true. Yes, you can lose weight- the right way!


Please make sure that you check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. If you experience pain, extreme shortness of breath or other alarming symptoms stop and seek medical attention. Many doctors now recommend having a complete physical with an exercise test after the age of 40, or for those with a strong history of heart disease. “No pain, no gain” is an out-of-date, incorrect statement when it concerns fitness. Exercise doesn’t have to hurt to work! Go at your own pace.

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