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Vaginoplasty & Perineoplasty

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Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists offers treatment options like vaginoplasty to help correct vaginal relaxation after childbirth and aging.

Vaginal Relaxation

The most common reason for relaxation of the vagina is pregnancy and childbirth. Genetics, age and the size and number of children also will have an effect. For some women, there will be minimal symptoms related to relaxation, while others may experience significant symptoms such as:

  • Diminished sensation during intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Difficulty initiating bowel movements

While healthy living, Kegel exercises and physical therapy can help, the result of vaginal relaxation includes permanent damage to pelvic support ligaments that cannot be corrected without surgery.

Treatment Options for Vaginal Relaxation


This surgery involves the dissection of the vaginal tissues to expose areas of tissue damage and the subsequent repair of the damaged ligaments with sutures. Vaginoplasty is designed to correct the bulges that occur under the bladder and near the rectum, which results in the vagina being smaller in caliber or tighter. By restoring the natural architecture and physiologic state of the vaginal tissues, women are expected to regain better tone and strength which will lead to improved sensation during intercourse.


This surgery involves reconstructing the perineal body and its underlying muscular support tissues. The perineal body is the area just beneath the entrance to the vagina extending to the rectum. This area is most commonly injured from an episiotomy or tear during delivery. By combining the perineoplasty with the vaginoplasty, we can effectively reduce the diameter of the entrance to the vagina as well as reduce the diameter of the inside of the vagina.

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