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Telephone Information and Directory

In-Room Telephones

For local calls, dial “9+865” (dialing 1 is not required) followed by the seven-digit number.

For long distance calls, dial “9+0+0”. This service connects the caller with Century Link and provides options to use a calling card, place a collect call or bill a call to another number. Operator rates will apply. Calls cannot be charged to room extensions nor can you accept collect calls in your room.

To reach the hospital operator, dial “0.”

Calling Patient Rooms

To call patient rooms from outside the hospital, dial “9+865” (dialing 1 is not required) followed by 331-3, plus the room number.


Patient rooms in our critical care areas may be called directly by dialing:

CVICU: “9+865-331-94+room number”
MSICU:9+865-331-96+room number”
NICU:  “9+865-331-95+room number”

Please note: Calls cannot be made to patient rooms between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.      


If at any time you do not wish to be disturbed by incoming phone calls, your phone can be placed in a “Do-Not-Disturb” mode. Dial 884 and follow the instructions. You will hear a confirmation that the Do-Not-Disturb Service is activated. To deactivate the service, dial 884 and follow the instructions.


For telephone problems and repairs, please call the Help Desk at 865-374-4900.

Telephone Directory



Main Line 865-331-1111
Administration 865-331-1101
Admitting and Registration 865-331-2372
Ambulatory Infusion Center 865-331-1290
Bariatrics 865-541-4500
Billing Inquiries 865-374-3000
Breast Center 865-331-1624
Cardiac Diagnostics 865-331-1256
Cardiac Rehabilitation 865-331-1250
Chaplain 865-331-1235
Childbirth Classes 865-673-FORT (3678)
CT Scan 865-331-1463
Day Surgery 865-331-1388
Emergency Department 865-331-2200
Gamma Knife Center 865-331-4000
GI Lab 865-331-4280
Gift Shop 865-331-1377
Health Information Management 865-331-1106
Home Infusion 865-331-1860
HomeCare/Hospice 865-374-0600
Laboratory 865-331-1117
Laser Center 865-331-1433
Marketing and Public Relations 865-331-1715
MRI 865-331-1829
Patient Information 865-331-1393
Patient Representative 865-331-1611
Patricia Neal – Admissions 865-331-1446
Patricia Neal – Outpatient Services 865-331-1605
Perinatal Center 865-331-2020
PET Scan 865-331-1492
Pharmacy 865-331-1144
Physician Referral 865-331-3678
Preadmission Testing 865-331-1634
Pulmonary Rehabilitation 865-331-1250
Radiology 865-331-1157
Respiratory Therapy 865-331-1137
Security 865-331-1309
Sleep Disorders Center 865-331-1375
Therapy Center 865-331-1300
Volunteer Services 865-331-1249
Women’s Services 865-331-1161
Wound Care Center 865-331-2784


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