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Complete Services for Your Pregnancy, Delivery, and Postnatal Care—Only at Fort Sanders Regional

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Comprehensive Care for Your Labor, Delivery, and More

At Fort Sanders Medical Center, we wanted to offer expectant parents a full-service experience for all your prenatal, perinatal and postnatal care needs. 

That’s why we developed our signature Start Here, Deliver Here, Stay Here model of comprehensive pregnancy care. We wanted to offer Eastern Tennessee families like yours a complete care experience you can trust for all your needs during this eventful time. 

We created a special, unique partnership that allows you and your new addition to receive comprehensive care, both throughout and following your pregnancy and birth. 

We offer families of all kinds, but especially those facing high-risk pregnancies, quality care you can trust for all your labor, delivery, and post-delivery needs. We’ll ensure both mother and baby get the very best in personalized care and support, throughout your time with us.

Why Trust Your Prenatal Care, Delivery, and Postnatal Care to Fort Sanders Regional and Our Unique Care Model?

When you’re facing a high-risk pregnancy, you need the best care for you and your baby. 

At Fort Sanders Medical Center, our special partnership allows high-risk mothers to start your pregnancy with Fort Sanders Perinatal Center, deliver at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, and stay with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for neonatal intensive care and pediatric services as your baby grows and develops.

Our complete care model addresses all your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum care needs—for both you and your precious baby.

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How Our Start Here, Deliver Here, Stay Here Care Model Works

When you trust Knoxville’s Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center with your comprehensive pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care needs—you’ll be getting a complete model of care, designed to carry you and your baby safely through your full birth experience. 

Our exclusive Start Here, Deliver Here, Stay Here model allows us to partner with top-quality area facilities, to provide you with the best in all-around mother and baby care services. 

The best part is—Knoxville area residents like you can access these services close to home and without worrying about where you’ll go when and if the time and need should arise. You’ll know ahead of time where you’ll receive the quality care you need and deserve.

Let’s review exactly what our signature method of comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth care involves—

Start Here—at Fort Sanders Perinatal Center
Deliver Here—at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center
Stay Here—at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

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Tips to Lower Your Risk for Pregnancy Complications

Did you know that committing to eating a healthy diet can not only boost your health and wellbeing, but also help you reduce your risks for pregnancy complications? Read this article to learn more.

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is a proud member of Covenant Health, our region’s top-performing healthcare network. To learn more about pregnancy and delivery care, treatment, and resources near you, view our full list of Covenant Health labor and delivery service providers today.

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