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Gamma Knife Frequently Asked Questions

Male physicians talks to cancer patient and his spouse regarding gamma knife treatment.
What is Gamma Knife?
How does Gamma Knife work?
What are the benefits of Gamma Knife?
What if I am older or have other medical conditions?
What conditions are treated by Gamma Knife therapy?
Who can be treated by Gamma Knife therapy?
How can you be referred for Gamma Knife treatment?
What information is used to determine if Gamma Knife treatment is appropriate?
Is Gamma Knife treatment effective?
Will I be awake during the procedure?
Will my head be shaved?
How quickly will the treatment work?
What are the complications of Gamma Knife treatment?
When can I return to my normal activities?
Is Gamma Knife treatment more or less expensive than traditional brain surgery?
Will my insurance cover this procedure?

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