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Gamma Knife Advantages

Treatment at the Fort Sanders Gamma Knife Center at Thompson Cancer Survival Center carries numerous advantages for patients, including:

A Safe, Proven Treatment Option

With more than 40 years of clinical research and 80,000 patient treated annually, the Gamma Knife has a long, evidence-based clinical record in treating a variety of indications with fewer risks than open surgery in a single outpatient treatment session without general anesthesia.

Quick Recovery

Gamma Knife treatment provides a rapid return to pre-treatment activities and lifestyle, requiring little or no rehabilitative services.

Insurance Coverage

Gamma Knife treatment is covered by most medical or health insurance companies, including Medicare.  In cost comparison studies of the same indications, Gamma Knife treatment is typically noticeably less expensive than conventional neurosurgery.

Dedicated Design

The Gamma Knife Icon is solely designed for the treatment of brain diseases, unlike other technologies which are designed to treat multiple areas of the body.

A Multidisciplinary Team

Treatment with the Gamma Knife Icon requires a team of specialists including a neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist and radiation physicist to create each patient’s customized treatment plan using the latest in advanced three dimensional computer planning software.

Treatment Flexibility

Gamma Knife can be used as both a primary treatment option or in conjunction with other methods including surgery, other forms of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  Gamma Knife treatment usually does not interrupt or impede chemotherapy.  The Gamma Knife Icon also provides an excellent alternative treatment option for patients with inoperable or surgically inaccessible disease.


The Gamma Knife Icon is the most precise intracranial radiosurgical tool on the market today – with an accuracy rate of better than .15mm.


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