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Patricia Neal Outpatient Center

Rehabilitation therapies after injury or illness to help patients achieve their best quality of life

Female provides rehabilitation services to elderly male using parallel bars.

Patricia Neal Outpatient Center is a dynamic part of the rehabilitation spectrum of care for those patients who have completed inpatient programs and for those who have been referred by other health care providers. Outpatient services are available for a short course of treatment after an injury, or for a lifetime of care as abilities change with the aging process.

Patricia Neal Outpatient Center has excellent physical, occupational, speech/language and behavioral medicine therapies available in our clinic setting. Using a team approach, the therapists work with patients and their families to improve function according to each patient’s individualized goals.

PNOC provides rehabilitation services for adults and adolescents with the following diagnoses:

  • Stroke
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Amputation
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Multiple trauma
  • Other neurological impairments
young female physical therapist helping senior male patient lift weight

Specialized Programs Available at Patricia Neal Outpatient Services

Assistive and Augmentative Communication
Comprehensive Driving Program
Post-Concussion Program
Behavioral Medicine and Rehabilitation Psychology Services
Seating and Mobility
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Support Groups

Innovative Recreation Cooperative

The goal of the Patricia Neal Innovative Recreation Cooperative (IRC) is to remove barriers that prevent an individual from developing the ability to enjoy self-directed leisure for a healthier lifestyle. The program reflects its name in its philosophy:

  • Innovation refers to new and creative ways in which individuals with a disability are able to participate in activities they enjoy.
  • Recreation is the medium that is used to enhance participants’ education and awareness of leisure opportunities and activities.
  • Cooperative is the group of individuals who support, nurture and mentor participants, using their expertise and talents to make the clinic a success.

Each IRC clinic is an innovative form of recreation using a cooperative approach of different talents. We believe:

  • Play is an instrumental and fundamental need of all people. Everyone works to be able to play. Play behaviors are what structure work behaviors.
  • The tangential effects of recreation promote and provide health and wellness. Leisure has no barriers. 
  • It is the right of all individuals to participate in leisure. What each person makes of the experience reflects each person’s individuality.

To learn more about the Innovative Recreation Cooperative, contact Al Kaye at 865-331-1353.

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