Working Together for Excellent Care

Brokers are looking for ways to help their clients control and lower healthcare costs. Covenant Health Solutions identifies and guides a population’s health decisions with evidence-based data and provides local solutions.

Working side by side with you, we can tailor the right programs and directives that engage employees in healthy behaviors and chronic disease management. In doing so, we are able to improve the health of the employees and positively impact an organization’s healthcare investment.

By partnering with Covenant Health Solutions, companies can receive comprehensive, coordinated corporate health services customized for their specific needs.

The ever-changing wellness industry has seen population health vendors come and go. Providing quality health care in East Tennessee for nearly 100 years, Covenant Health is dedicated to improving the communities and people we serve. With more than 30 years of experience in providing biometric screenings in our communities, our health professionals can deliver onsite solutions for your business clients.

We’ll provide consulting, reports, and solutions for your clients who need to control healthcare costs. Covenant Health Solutions will share in your commitment to deliver the best for your clients.

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Karen Milligan
Population Health
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