Charitable contributions to the communities we serve

Covenant Health’s not-for-profit mission is “to serve the community by improving the quality of life through better health.” As part of this mission, Covenant Health makes contributions to charitable and community organizations and events that align with our mission and Pledge of Excellence, our health system’s guiding principles, and our strategic plan.

Covenant Health serves a 23-county area in Tennessee and actively participates in many civic and healthcare organizations. As the Knoxville area’s largest employer and a partner in the business communities where our facilities are located, Covenant Health receives many requests for cash and in-kind contributions and sponsorships. While Covenant Health and its member organizations actively support local charitable and civic endeavors, our primary commitment is to invest our resources in providing excellent healthcare services for our communities. With that priority in mind, we allocate a specific dollar amount for charitable contributions each fiscal year.

So that we may appropriately review and respond to charitable requests in a fair and timely manner, organizations must submit the online application using the link at the end of this page. 

Based on Covenant Health’s strategic goals and our mission to improve the quality of life through better health, the health system is most likely to provide contributions and support in the following areas:

  • Organizations, programs and initiatives that are locally owned, governed and operated, and which directly support local community needs
  • Programs that provide health care services to under-served populations
  • Youth development, particularly for at-risk populations
  • Mental health and substance abuse programs
  • Programs that focus on education and prevention of diseases which affect large segments of the general population
  • Programs supporting and honoring the service of military veterans
  • Healthcare-related education initiatives and scholarship support
  • Events and initiatives that support patient care services at Covenant Health facilities
  • Cultural, recreational and civic organizations which are part of the fabric of the local community

Because Covenant Health receives more requests for support than allocated dollars will allow, we must sometimes decline or defer requests from worthy organizations and programs, even when the requests are consistent with the guidelines above. We appreciate all requests and are honored that local organizations consider Covenant Health as a potential partner in charitable endeavors.

If your organization would like to request charitable support from Covenant Health, please follow this link to submit the online application:

Application for Covenant Health Contributions and Sponsorships

Covenant Health