Staff Feature Friday

Name:  Angela Murr


How long have you worked at Peninsula? Peninsula 4 years Parkwest 9 years – Covenant Health 13


Why do you love working at Peninsula? The caring staff that are dedicated to our patients best interests.  Leadership and management make it a pleasure. I am blessed to be a part of WeCare in my position and it is very gratifying to give to our patients and employees when they are in need.


Where are you from?  Maryville


What is your favorite book?  The Bible, The Shack and any Shel Silverstein book.


What is your dream vacation spot? Italy


Who is your favorite actor?  Julia Roberts and Denzell Washington


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Greece


Do you have children? How old are they? Yes, Jordan 23, Emily 17 and Gatlin 16


What is your greatest accomplishment? Obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration 4 years ago from Liberty University. I enrolled full time, year around, while working full time and completed in 3 years.


What is your favorite vacation spot? Norris Dam State Park


What is your favorite TV show?  CSI, Criminal Minds

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