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Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Robotic-Assisted Surgery at
Covenant Health

Covenant Health offers more types of robotic-assisted surgery than anyone in East Tennessee.
Robotic-assisted surgery is a minimally invasive approach, often resulting in less pain, smaller incisions and faster post-operative recovery for the patient.

With this innovative technology, the surgeon views 3D, high-resolution images on a computer screen and uses hand controls to move robotic arms and perform the operation. The interactive robotic arms have greater dexterity than the human wrist and can help the surgeon access hard-to-reach areas of the body. High-resolution cameras and micro-surgical instruments are powered by advanced robotic technology, but all surgical maneuvers are under the direct control of the surgeon.

Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Surgery

  • The surgeon can make fine, quick movements, enabling more intricate procedures
  • Patients experience less damage to healthy tissue
  • Patients typically experience less pain, less blood loss and faster post-operative recovery time
  • Allows for smaller incisions, reducing the risk of infection and causing minimal scarring
  • Robotic-assisted surgery provides better overall patient outcomes, allowing patients to return to daily activities more quickly



Frequently Asked Questions 

The surgeon performs your surgery using advanced visual technology and movable robotic arms for very precise procedures. The precision of the robot combined with your surgeon’s skill and expertise results in a highly advanced surgical procedure.


The technology has three components:

Surgeon Console – The console allows the surgeon to manipulate hand controls and view the operation “up close” on a computer screen in real time. The surgeon sees a very clear image of the surgical field with a 3-dimensional, magnified, high-resolution view.  Micro-surgical instruments are powered by state-of-the-art robotic technology.  The surgeon’s hand movements are seamlessly translated into precise movements of the instruments. 

Patient Cart – There are four interactive robotic arms on the patient cart. Instruments mounted in each arm can turn in all directions with more dexterity than the human wrist and without the risk of involuntary hand movement. This allows safe, precise maneuvers that would be impossible during traditional open or laparoscopic surgery. All surgical maneuvers are under the direct control of the surgeon.

Vision Cart – A touch-screen interface gives the in-room surgical team an internal view of the operative field, and provides a microphone and speakers so the surgeon and team can hear each other easily. Team members can “draw” on the touch screen, which is also visible to the surgeon.

Specially trained surgical teams provide the best possible care for patients undergoing robotic-assisted surgery. The anesthesia team includes an anesthesiologist and certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). The circulating registered nurse prepares the operating room, preps and positions the patient, and maintains the room throughout the procedure. There are two certified surgical technicians (CSTs) for all robotic procedures. These professionals work in the sterile field and assist the surgeon.

If surgery is in your future, your doctor will let you know if a robotic-assisted procedure is an option for you. Your care team can answer any questions about your surgical procedure.

Procedures Available at Covenant Health




Gastrointestinal and Colorectal



General Surgery







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