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Last month we celebrated a very special person for a very special reason.  You see, every month we read and review comments from our patients based on their experiences.  We use these comments to learn what worked well and maybe what we need to improve going forward.  It also gives us an opportunity to recognize excellence.  And last month we happily did that for Naly Hoffschneider, a wonderful caregiver and patient advocate with our Oak Ridge Breast Center.Award honoree Naly Hoffschneider is surrounded by team members during her celebration.

Naly’s kindness, friendliness and attention to detail have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  To date during our 2020 survey period our patients have mentioned her by name over 50 times!  In fact, as we were preparing this poster for her earlier presentation, we could not keep up with all of her positive comments.  Her event poster noted her personal comments as “more than 20” but by the time her presentation rolled around, she had blown that number out of the water.  Even now, that number continues to climb!  That type of recognition is remarkable and is the highest number of personal acknowledgements in our patient comments of anyone so far in the organization.   

Here are just a few of those comments:Naly's poster award listed her accomplishments and the verbatim comments recorded during surveys with patients to date in 2020.

  • Naly has been the one to do my mammogram for the last three years. She has been the kindest, sweetest person and always puts me at ease. She is very thorough and makes sure that the best image possible is taken… I will start requesting her from now on… Thank you!
  • Naly was very efficient while chatting, putting me totally at ease.  She explained each step and placement.  I hope I get her every time.
  • Naly made me feel comfortable.  It was nice to have someone that knows my native language, Spanish, to take me through the process.  She was very courteous and amiable.

If the verbatim comments were to continue, you would consistently hear descriptions such as sweet, kind, thorough, personable, cheerful, genuine, amazing….

We are honored to have Naly as a valued member of our team and congratulate here again on this well-deserved recognition!


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