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Passport Terms and Condtions

CAPABILITY TO TRAVEL: Trips are ‘paced’ to be comfortable for reasonably healthy senior citizens (age 50 +). Travelers are responsible for handling their own carry-on luggage, being physically capable of boarding and being seated anywhere on the motor coach; walking moderate distances and climbing a reasonable number of steps while keeping up with the group at the various attractions and destinations. If you have any concerns about your capability to travel on a trip, it is your responsibility to raise the issue at the time of reservation.

DEPOSITS and PAYMENTS: 1-day trips require full payment no later than 45 days prior to departure. Reservations not paid by then are automatically moved to the end of the Wait List (see Wait List policy below). Multi-day trips require a minimum $50 deposit at reservation with the balance typically due 45 days prior to departure. Longer domestic and all international trips may have different deposit and payment schedules which will be discussed at reservation. Preferred payment method is by check payable to MoeFaye Travel, Inc. No cash or credit cards, please.

INSURANCE–TRIP CANCELLATION & EMERG. MEDICAL: Optional Group Trip Cancellation & Emergency Medical Insurance is available and recommended for trips exceeding $400.00 in cost. Optional Individual Trip cancellation & Emergency Medical Insurance is available for any trip if requested by the traveler. Insurance premiums must be paid at the time of reservation.

RESERVATIONS: Any trip may be reserved at any time after it is announced. All reservations are accepted on a ‘first come-first served’ basis. You are encouraged to reserve as soon as you develop an interest in any trip to reduce the chance of being ‘wait-listed’.

TRAVELERS RESPONSIBILITY: While there are many benefits associated with traveling as a member of a group, there are also responsibilities associated with group travel. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Listening, understanding, remembering and following directions given to the group by tour directors, guides and others responsible for the activities of the group.
  • Following posted or other directions and schedules relating to activities of the group.
  • Being quiet while announcements and information are being given to the group, so that all may hear.
  • Showing courtesy to other travelers by not wearing highly scented perfume, cologne, shave lotion, etc. while traveling on the coaches, air craft or in other places of close confinement during the trip.

TRIP CANCELLATIONS: Deposits & payments for trips which do not go are fully refundable. Refunds for individual cancellations made after final payment dates will be ‘all that can be recovered’ from all pre-paid trip expenses, less a portion of the coach cost for seats your cancellation may cause to be vacant. Refunds will typically be made on the last day of the month in which the trip is scheduled, or 10 working days following the trip if it is scheduled after the 20th of the month.

TRIP PROMOTION: All trips are publicized in the PASSPORT Newsletter distributed quarterly by Covenant Health Systems. Advance notice of upcoming trips is made to travelers on all trips. Trip schedules are sent to area Covenant Health sponsored Senior Centers and other Covenant Health activities. Local newspapers may carry information about selected trips.

TRIP SIZE: All coach trips require a minimum of 30 travelers. After 30, reservations will be taken until the coach is full or until the latest allowable reservation date permitted by providers has been reached. Once a coach is full, travelers will be ‘wait listed’ and the wait list policy becomes effective.

WAIT-LISTING occurs when the initial coach for a domestic trip has sold out; or when the maximum number of ‘blocked’ reservations for a non-coach trip has been reached. Names on the Wait List will be used to fill cancellations; to justify a larger coach; or for scheduling additional coaches on the same or alternate dates. If you make a deposit or payment while on ‘wait listed’ status you are guaranteed a 100% refund, if you don’t get to go on the trip.

WAIVER FORM: Each traveler must complete, sign and return a separate TRIP WAIVER form (on the back of this page) required by Covenant Health Systems PASSPORT membership organization and MoeFaye Travel, Inc. prior to departure on any trip.

MoeFaye Travel, Inc. reserves the right to:

  • Substitute or cancel facilities, attractions or other trip elements, with others of comparable value when such substitutions or cancellations are necessary for reasons beyond their control.

  • Not send a MoeFaye Travel host on any major trip with less than 16 travelers, which will be met at the destination Gateway city then hosted throughout by a Tour Manager/Guide provided by the trip provider.

  • Remove any member from the group for disrupting the activities of the group by violating these Terms and Conditions.