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The benefits of weight loss go beyond cosmetics.

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Begin Your Weight Loss Journey Today with Covenant Health

Are you struggling with obesity or weight loss? The benefits of losing weight for your overall health and wellness are many. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can improve your energy levels, boost your self-confidence, and improve or even eliminate weight-related health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

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Anyone who has asked me how I do it, I tell them, you have to have a good doctor, good support, and ask for help if you need it. If you don’t know how to meal prep, or feel you are falling behind or not making progress, just ask for help; reach out to someone. I would definitely recommend Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center to a friend.

Tracy Shelton, Covenant Patient

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

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I highly recommend that to anyone who goes through this. It was essential to the healing process because knowing what to expect really helped me. I slowly started walking and measuring my protein intake.

Angel Lubrano, Covenant Patient

Robotic-Assisted Gastric Bypass Surgery

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I just feel so much healthier, I have more energy, and I look like a totally different person. Don’t be afraid to take the risk, because it’s worth it!

Summer Martin, Covenant Patient

Loop Duodenal Switch Surgery

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If you’re struggling with weight loss,

Covenant Health’s Bariatric Services Program offers you customized state-of-the-art weight loss solutions. Our team of board-certified bariatric surgeons, physicians, dietitians, and experienced weight loss management staff collaborate to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan, offering both non-surgical and surgical solutions for optimal, healthy weight loss.

How Can I Tell If I’m Overweight? Take Our Bariatric Self Assessment

If your weight is higher than what’s medically determined to be a healthy for your height, you’re likely to be categorized as overweight or obese.

Bariatric surgery may become medically necessary if your weight puts you at high risk for developing life-threatening health problems. The biggest indicator for these risks is your body mass index (BMI). As your BMI increases, so does your risk of developing weight-related health conditions.

Determining your body mass index can help you understand your level of obesity. It can also be a helpful tool in understanding and selecting the ideal weight loss solutions available to you at Covenant Health:

  • Underweight: BMI less than 18.5
  • Normal weight: BMI between 18.5 and 25
  • Overweight: BMI between 25 and 30
  • Morbidly Obese: BMI of 40 or more (Patients with a BMI of 35 or higher are also considered morbidly obese if experiencing obesity-related health conditions.)

Complete our Covenant Health Bariatric Self Assessment to calculate your BMI.Then, take our surgery self-assessment to determine if weight loss surgery could be the best weight loss solution for you.

Bariatric Treatments and Services at Covenant Health

Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Biliary Pancreatic Diversion
Bariatric Revision and Conversion Surgery
Gastric Band Repairs
Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solutions
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Our Team

Our Covenant Health team is full of bariatric and weight loss care specialists you can count on. Discover the expert support you need to live a longer and healthier life.

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