Third Hospitality House Under Renovation

That’s right, we are growing! Last year, 211 guests spent 1,787 nights in our two existing Hospitality Houses. They came to us from 18 Tennessee counties and 14 different states. One guest with a family member in ICU came all the way from France!

Increasingly the two existing Hospitality Houses are at 100% occupancy resulting in patients and family members being unable to benefit from their services. In many circumstances, the full occupancy means that patient care procedures get delayed or sometimes don’t occur at all because the patient and their family has no place to stay and simply can’t afford hotel room rates for an extended period of time.

Employees from National Strategic Protective Services (NSPS) have put in many hours of hard labor to help this renovation along. Thank you!

Our first renovated “E” house opened in 1997 and was named the “Manly House” in honor of longtime community leaders Bill and Jane Manly. In 2006, a second “E” house was renovated and named the “CALM House” in honor of the significant renovation work and materials provided by members of the Cooperative Agreement of Labor and Management. Together these two houses provide eight guest apartments (two of which are handicap accessible), each with a private living room, bedroom and bathroom. Both houses also have a shared kitchen, dining room and an extra living room for visiting with friends and relatives. The kitchens are fully furnished and offer stocked pantries for guests.

The houses are located just minutes from Methodist Medical Center (MMC) and primarily cater to patients and families visiting for cancer care, wound care, intensive care, cardiac critical care or certain short stays related to specific tests and procedures. There are no charges for guests staying at the Hospitality Houses. All costs are covered by charitable contributions raised through annual fundraising events and by food and related necessities donated by caring individuals, area churches, civic clubs and businesses.

A third “E” house has been owned by MMC for many years but was used primarily for storage as it was in poor and dilapidated condition. It is located very close to the two existing Hospitality Houses. After careful evaluation, it was decided that the core structure was in decent condition but the house would need to be completely gutted and renovated to bring it up to standards for becoming the third Hospitality House. The cost for these renovations is estimated to be $400,000.

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National Strategic Protective Services renovating the next Hospitality House

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National Strategic Protective Services renovating the next Hospitality House


Earlier this year, a fundraising campaign began under the leadership of MMC Foundation Board Member Steve Whitson to raise both monetary contributions and in-kind gifts of materials and labor to turn this dilapidated house into a fully functioning third Hospitality House with a layout similar to the other two houses (four apartments, a shared kitchen and a dining room). Community volunteer leaders Homer Fisher and Ken Rueter assisted Steve in getting the project rolling, with support from former MMC CAO, now Covenant Health Executive Vice President Mike Belbeck.

We are pleased to announce that UT-Battelle and Pro2Serve saw the need to help people now being turned away and have committed the lead charitable gifts to get our fundraising campaign up and running. As a result of their generosity, the third house will be named the UT-Battelle/Pro2Serve House!

We have many other naming opportunities available in the new third Hospitality House along with needs for in-kind gifts of materials (everything from furniture, appliances, sheet rock and paint to plumbing fixtures and ceiling fans). Contributions can be pledged over 3 years and can be a combination of cash and in-kind donations, or even stock or real estate. Those aged 75+ can utilize a planned gift via a bequest, gift annuity, or remainder interest designation from life insurance or a retirement plan as ways to be credited with a gift now even though the actual gift won’t be received until later. For more information on how you can help, please contact Jeff Elliott, campaign coordinator, at (865) 531-5197 or [email protected].

To date, more than 70 volunteers from organizations in and around Oak Ridge have volunteered their time and effort in the renovation efforts, donating almost 500 hours of labor over the last two months.

MMC Foundation and the Hospitality Houses express our sincere gratitude for the monetary and in-kind support of the individuals and organizations listed below.

  • Associated Fire
  • CNS
  • East Tennessee Portables
  • Fastenal
  • Homer Fisher
  • Dr. Barry Goss
  • McGaha Electric
  • ORAU
  • Pro2Serve
  • RSI
  • Secret City Chrysler
  • Sunbelt Rentals
  • UCOR
  • UT/Battelle
  • Waste Management
  • Whitson Construction

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