New Imaging Services

Posted on March 1, 2019

If you’re like most shoppers, when you get ready to make a major purchase, you look for information – and these days, most people look online.

In years past, health care was different. Patients went where their physicians or insurance plans directed them, and the ability to compare and purchase specific healthcare services was almost non-existent. But times have changed, and consumer convenience has become as important in healthcare as it is in retail.

Covenant Health recently launched a website that allows consumers to purchase specific imaging services and pay “out of pocket” rates that are listed online for each screening. The imaging services are offered at the Fort Sanders West Diagnostic Center, located near the intersection of Kingston Pike and Pellissippi Parkway. Available services include MRIs (with or without contrast), CT scans (with or without contrast), digital 3D or 2D screening mammograms, ultrasound procedures and x-rays.

The out-of-pocket rates also include the radiologist’s review fees, so consumers who choose these services pay one price – they will not receive a separate bill from the physician who reads and reports the test results. 

Anyone may use the direct purchase imaging services with the exception of patients covered by governmental healthcare programs, such as Medicare, Medicare Advantage, TennCare/Medicaid and TriCare.

No insurance claims are filed in conjunction with these imaging services, although the consumer may be able to apply the imaging cost toward an insurance deductible. We note on our web page that not all plans permit applying out-of-pocket purchased services toward a deductible, so we encourage customers to check with their insurance companies before using the service.

A physician’s order is required for all imaging services except screening mammograms. Once the consumer decides to purchase a specific imaging service, he or she simply makes an appointment and then pays for the service in full using cash or a credit card.

The physician’s office that ordered the imaging will receive the results and notify the patient. The patient can also view results by going online to the MyCovenantHealth portal and downloading the MyCovenant app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

To learn more about our “cash price” imaging services and how to make an appointment, I invite you to visit

Consumers who choose to pay the out-of-pocket rate can be confident that the tests and screenings meet the same standards of excellence as the imaging services offered at any Covenant Health hospital or outpatient location. We’re very pleased to offer this option for those who can benefit from direct purchasing of imaging tests, and we appreciate the positive feedback we have already received about this service.

Covenant Health has several initiatives underway to help make healthcare more consumer-friendly, more convenient and more transparent and understandable to the patients and communities we serve. We look forward to expanding access to our services and announcing additional online resources in the near future.