Get Fit with Missy Kane

Missy Kane
Missy Kane




In a time when global health concerns are closing entertainment venues and keeping people home, keep your perspective and keep on the sunny side! 

If you want to get inspired, get motivated, and get fit, meet Covenant Health’s champion for a fit and fun lifestyle. Missy Kane is an Olympian, a member of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, and has been awarded by the President’s Council on Fitness.

Missy’s passion is helping people of all fitness levels achieve goals for a better quality of life. This can mean anything from coaching someone who is taking the first steps toward fitness, to training a seasoned athlete for a marathon. Her motto is “Life is more fun when you’re fit!” 

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NEW – When the movie theater is closed and the basketball game’s been canceled – it’s a great time to start enjoying the great outdoors in East Tennessee!

NEW – To learn about safe practices currently recommended by the CDC and the World Health Organization, visit Covenant Health’s main web page.

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Missy’s year-round fit tips:

  • Set your alarm and get up 15 minutes early for a little light exercise and stretches
  • Ditch the drive-through windows and keep a stash of healthy snacks in the car.
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator.
  • Park away from the door so you can take a brisk walk to and from the car.
  • At work, get up and go talk to your coworkers instead of sending e-mails.
  • Spend five minutes doing gentle stretches before bedtime.
     If you miss a workout or give in to food temptations, don’t waste time feeling guilty. Resolve to do better next time, get back on track, and remember…life is more fun when you’re fit!