Career Exploration with Anderson County Youth Leadership

Mentoring the Next Generation of Caregivers

Anderson County Youth Leadership recently visited Methodist for their class Healthcare Day. Students from Anderson County and Clinton High Schools take part in Youth Leadership, which is a program offered by the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, which fosters leadership skills, acquaints students with their community’s needs, opportunities, problems, resources, and infrastructure, and familiarizes students with career and leadership opportunities available in their community.Anderson County Youth Leadership Class of 2018

Career Exploration

While at Methodist, the students learned about the broad range of careers available in healthcare as they listened to job descriptions and asked questions with staff representing the pharmacy, medical imaging, dietitians – as well as volunteer opportunities at the hospital. Interactive demonstrations showed Student learn to maneuver endoscopy equipment and work as a teamstudents the organization and teamwork required to keep a hospital running effectively.

Additionally, they had an opportunity to gain hands-on experience as they participated in special lab stations. Students tested their skills using endoscopy equipment, learned how to give CPR on adults and infants, and discovered the complexities of hand hygiene and infection control.

Cher Stallings, RN gives students a visual demonstration of the "web of care" that is needed for just one patient in the hospital.

Students learn the infant-specific techniques for CPR.
Teamwork Makes it Happen

A special thank you to all the MMCers who took time out of the day to work with these students: Cher Stallings, Family Birthing Center; Jessica Abraham, Infection Prevention; Nicole Burton, Surgery; Christopher Crock, Surgery;  Mari Beth Waschevski, Nursing Education; Patricia Jeffers, Nursing Education; Carol King, Nursing Education; Taynia Thornton, Volunteer Services; Paige Adkins, Nutrition; Mike Manfredo, Medical Imaging; and Chuck Ashley, Pharmacy.



Students took a black light to their hands to see places they might have missed in washing.

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