Gena Tussey

Racing in honor of or remembrance of: “An uncle, Elmer Peterson, US Navy. He gave me my first camera to learn how to get past dyslexia and discover a voice that was inside me all along.”

Gena Tussey served in the United States Air Force from 1987-1993Gena Tussey
U.S. Air Force
1987 – 1993
Medically Retired

As the official photographer for the marathon team, Gena Tussey plans to power walk the half marathon as she documents the race day journey of her teammates. “My goal for the race is to create meaningful storytelling of the team and its members showing honor, integrity and commitment,” Gena says.

Gena was a combat photographer for the United States Air Force. Going through the challenges of active duty during Desert Storm and all the operational services afterwards drove home the importance of attention to detail, and gave her an unquenchable drive to grow her craft and help educate others to be the best at whatever they’re doing.

“I was in the theatres of southwest Asia for certain tasks, working mobility for outgoing, and combat camera within the Communications Squadron,” Gena says. After being discharged in June of 1993 due to a disability, Gena says it was difficult trying to decide what she should do next. It took some patience and soul searching to find the answer, but she likes to quote author J.R.R. Tolkien regarding that –

Not all who wander are lost.

Gena traveled in Europe for a year then came home with her husband to Eglin Air Force Base. She bought a small hobby farm in Tennessee, and began showing horses. She spent a some time working as “Wivick the Frog” for WIVK-FM, then joined a photographic company, training photographers throughout the U.S.

“I left the company to start my own studio in Maryville after the death of my brother,” Gena says. “He left a small amount of money to me, but only if I started my own studio.” Station House Photography has been in business since 2013, and Gena became a Certified Professional Photographer in 2011. She received a Masters of Photography degree in 2016 and her Craftsman Degree in 2018.  

Gena served at Walter Reed, Andrews AFB, Wright Patterson AFB, Rhein-Main AB and Germany.