Darrell Crowe

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“I can never forget those who intentionally laid down their own lives so that others could live. This is important to me because of the Scriptures that teach the quote of my Savior, No greater love is this than one lay down his life for his friends.”

Darrell Crowe served in the United States Army from 1987-2016Darrell Crowe
U.S. Air Force
1987 – 2016

Darrell Crowe takes the “service” in military service very seriously. He lives by a quote he once heard regarding leadership.

If you think serving others is beneath you – then leading others will ALWAYS be beyond you.

Darrell has served both stateside and overseas. For most of his career in the United States Air Force, he worked in the medical field, serving the sick and the wounded. He was deployed to Saudi Arabia and was there when terrorists bombed the Khobar Towers. As a medic, Darrell was exposed to difficult situations and devastating circumstances, but he says the hardest part was simply being away from family and friends. He certainly doesn’t regret the time he served.

“I think it was all worthwhile – it helped in making me who I am,” Darrell says. “When I reflect on my life, I have found that I was truly happiest when I was in service to other people.”

During the last phase of Darrell’s military career, he served in a special duty assignment as a leadership instructor. Now he’s taking lessons learned and his heart for service to the civilian world, in his church and in his post-military job.
Darrell’s next great challenge will be entering an event in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. While he hopes to run the half marathon, he says he’ll be okay if he’s only able to finish the 5K. His priority is using the training to improve his health.

“The greatest challenge for me is getting past and working through the physical challenges as well as making the time in my schedule to do it,” Darrell says. “I just have to stop focusing on reasons why I can’t and start finding ways to make it happen!”