Connie Wilson

Running in honor of:  “My uncle, Master Chief William Forts, who served 27 years day to day and three years Fleet Reserve. He retired in 1989 as an instructor in Little Creek, VA. He is my inspiration.”

Connie Wilson served in the United States Navy from 1987-1992Connie Wilson
U.S. Navy
1987 – 1992
Honorably Discharged

As one of seven children raised by a single mother, some might say Connie Wilson grew up with the odds stacked against her. She did, however have her faith, and the United States Navy.

“I wanted to help my mom financially, but jobs were few,” Connie says.

Connie also had a burning desire to do more with her life than stay where she was. The U.S. Navy was more than a job. It was an opportunity for a strong and motivated woman to make a future for herself.

Her uncle, a Master Chief in the Navy, trained her for three months before boot camp. During boot camp, Connie bonded with other recruits and learned the value of working together as a team in a way that only those who have experienced it can understand.

Outspoken and full of energy, she encouraged others along the way.

“My most memorable experience was taking the lead when we didn’t have a cadence caller,” Connie says. “I got so tired of doing push-ups because my company could not march in sync that I just started singing cadence as if I was in church. They called us the Church Company!”

Connie served as a firefighter and worked in communications during her time of service. Her goal is to complete the half marathon, hopefully ahead of schedule.

“I’ve had struggles and life disappointments, but haven’t we all?” Connie says.
“I wouldn’t change it for anything.”