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Marathon Team

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As East Tennessee’s premier healthcare provider, Covenant Health has a strong commitment to improving the quality of life in our region through better health. As part of that mission, Covenant Health assembles a team of individuals each year to serve as ambassadors for health and fitness while they train together for events in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon.
Members of the 2020 Covenant Health Marathon TeamThe 2020 marathon team members come from different walks of life, but have something important in common – they all work in local schools! This year’s team is on a mission to help improve the health and fitness of East Tennessee students and families, leading the way by example. School is in session, there’s a lot to learn and we’re ready!

See race day photos of last year’s team here


The 2020 Covenant Health Marathon Team

William Baldwin
Lakiea Chapman
Ramona Dew
Billy Heady
Ryan Ibbottson
Andi Tenry
Michelle Wolfenbarger

Media Team Members:

Todd Howell, WBIR-TV
Bob Yarborough, Cumulus Radio
Phil Kaplan, News Sentinel


Assistant Coach Phil Kaplan 

Sports editor for the Knoxville News Sentinel, Phil became sold on the program when he went through it as a team member in 2011. He offers valuable advice and support to the team.

Todd Howell 

Todd can be seen on WBIR-TV reporting the weather in every season, which is no easy task in our ever changing East Tennessee hills. He strives to stay fit for his job and for his family, and training for a Covenant  Health Knoxville Marathon event his latest effort to that end.


About the coach

Missy Kane is fitness promotion coordinator for Covenant Health, and her passion is helping others take steps toward a healthy lifestyle, whether they’re longtime athletes or have been sedentary for years. Missy is a former collegiate track and field coach, an Olympic athlete, a Pan American Games medalist, and a member of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, the Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame, and the Knoxville Track Club Hall of Fame. This is her 15th time coaching a team for the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon.

The personal trainer

Coach Missy Kane and Assistant Coach Phil Kaplan are pleased to have help from Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center trainer Chris O’Hearn. Chris is a highly respected personal trainer and life coach who helps our team members strengthen mind, body and spirit for a successful finish.