Daisy Award Winner: Sonya DiAngelo, RN

Sonya DiAngelo receiving her Daisy award

Congratulations to our most recent DAISY award winner Sonya DiAngelo, RN in our women’s services department! Sonya made a great impression from the moment she met the patient to the end of her stay at Fort Sanders Regional. She was prepared when she entered the room, and the patient who nominated her said she was warm, caring and efficient with her care. The patient said she felt an instant bond with Sonya, and she appreciates Sonya taking time after the patient had moved units and after Sonya’s shift was over to come visit. Sonya took such amazing care of her patient that she even described her labor experience with a word not usually used by mom’s – “fun”! The patient said, “I’ve never felt so special, so loved by a nurse. Sonya has a heart of gold, and I couldn’t be more thankful!”

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