Covenant Health Employee Receives CPPS Certification

Posted on April 22, 2021

Jamie Gwinn, system performance improvement manager at Covenant Health, has received a CPPS designation as a Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS). She joins over 4,000 others nationwide who have received the certification.

The CPPS credential is awarded by the Certification Board for Professionals in Patient Safety of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. It is earned by demonstrating high levels of proficiency in five patient safety domains: culture, leadership, patient safety and solutions, measuring and improving performance, and systems thinking and design/human factors.

Patient safety practices must be an integral component of professional responsibilities for CPPS candidates. Additionally, candidates must have a baccalaureate or associate’s degree with several years of experience in healthcare, which can include clinical rotations and residency programs. The CPPS certification questions are primarily application-based, so Gwinn relied on both knowledge and nearly 20 years of experience at Covenant Health.

“I wanted to earn this credential as a personal challenge to be competent and feel confident in the work I do,” Gwinn said. “I have a passion for patient safety and making our practices as safe as possible. Even before my current role, I was focused on patient safety and had the nickname ‘Sherlock’ because I would try to get to the bottom of things and improve our processes.”

Gwinn has been with Covenant Health since 2002 and has held various positions including nurse manager, house supervisor and risk manager. In her current role as system performance improvement manager, she coordinates performance improvement activities system-wide to impact patient safety and quality.

“Jamie looks at the work that our staff members do and attempts to make the health system more efficient and also safer for patients. We are excited for her to be the first employee at Covenant Health to receive this certification,” said Nell Christensen, system director of quality and patient safety.

Gwinn said her passion is making processes more reliable to make the health system as safe as possible for patients.

“All of the initiatives Covenant Health is putting in place are to make our health system safer for patients. As healthcare becomes more innovative, we have to evolve and optimize our practices,” said Gwinn. “People trust us, and patient safety should be at the heart of everything we do.”