Community Health Screenings

Preventive screenings are an important part of women’s health. The health screenings below are recommended for women. To find out how to schedule one of the screenings below, and to find a physician who can help you schedule the screenings, call 865-541-4500.

Recommended Health Screenings

Blood Pressure Screenings – Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers: the systolic pressure, when the heart beats, over the diastolic pressure, when the heart relaxes between beats. The systolic number comes first, or on top. The diastolic number is second, or on the bottom. Both numbers in a blood pressure reading are important. As we grow older, systolic blood pressure is particularly important.

Bone Density Screenings – This quick screening lets you know if you have normal bone mass. A quick heel scan with a bare foot can let you know whether or not you might have osteoporosis. The calcaneus bone (heel bone) is a good indicator for your body’s overall bone mass.

Cholesterol Screenings – Often done with a simple finger, and sometimes available as part of a comprehensive blood screening that includes total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol (hi-density lipoprotein, or “good” cholesterol), LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or “bad” cholesterol), triglycerides, and glucose.

Heart Score and Stroke Score screenings – This comprehensive screening is offered periodically at designated Covenant Health hospitals. The package includes cholesterol, peripheral vascular disease screening, blood pressure, and BMI. In addition, the heart screening includes a CT scan of the heart, while the stroke screening offers a carotid artery scan. Both versions give a complete picture of cardiovascular health. Call 865-541-4500 to see if a Heart Score or Stroke Score is currently scheduled.

Digital Mammography – A mammogram helps detect breast cancer at an early stage. Mammograms can detect some types of cancer before you or your health care provider can feel a lump. Digital mammography is available at Covenant Health Comprehensive Breast Center locations throughout East Tennessee. Call (865) 541-4500 to find a breast center near you.