CMC Celebrates Certified Nurses Day

Cumberland Medical Center observed Certified Nurses Day, Certified Nurses DaySaturday, March 19, by honoring seventeen nurses who are board-certified in twelve different specialties.   

Board certification of nurses plays an important role in assuring high standards of patient care. “Nursing, like health care in general, has become increasingly complex,” said Janice McKinley, senior vice president and chief nursing officer for Covenant Health, parent company of Cumberland Medical Center. “Board certification means that a nurse has successfully completed extensive specialized education and has made a strong personal and professional commitment to excellence. These are the expert nurses who work throughout our health system.”

There are many nursing certifications in specialties such as medical-surgical, infection control, emergency, case management, and nursing informatics. The following nurse certifications were celebrated at Cumberland Medical Center: Accredited Case Management, Richard Zollinhofer; Certified Case Management, Pam Bryant, Phyllis Hall, and Sharon Parker; Clinical Documentation Specialist, Phyllis Hall; Critical Care Nursing, Debra Perin and Diane Morgan; Emergency Nursing, Sandy Caples, Charlotte Hathaway, Tracy Mayes, and Patricia Roysden; Operating Room Nursing, Pam Kendrick and Cindy Mathews; Surgical Clinical Reviewer, Melisa McCollough and Michelle Harvey; Executive Nursing Practice, Rebecca Foster; Infection Control, Melisa McCollough; Medical-Surgical Nursing, Phyllis Hall; Nursing Informatics, Tambra Stephens; and Professional in Healthcare Quality, Rebecca Foster and Melisa McCollough.   

“The number of certified nurses throughout the Covenant Health system continues to grow,” said McKinley, “and their dedication to continued education is reflected in the strength of our workforce and highly skilled level of care we provide to our patients every day. We celebrate this event which allows us to acknowledge our nurses’ professional development.”

Pictured left to right front row: Diane Morgan, Sandy Caples, Sharon Parker, Pam Bryant, and Phyllis Hall. Back row: Melisa McCollough, Richard Zollinofer, Pam Kendrick, Michelle Harvey, Tambra Stephens, Cindy Mathews, and Rebecca Foster.

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