We’re fighting for your tomorrow with the region’s largest cancer team.

How does Covenant Health fight cancer? With the largest team of elite cancer physicians, surgeons, and staff in our region whose sole purpose is to find, treat, and eradicate your cancer. Our multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists create your individualized treatment plan, and your nurse navigator personally guides you through the process.

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Specialize in interpreting medical images using diagnostic imaging.

Breast Radiologists

Specialize in breast imaging, especially mammography and diagnostic breast procedures.

Medical Oncologists

Specialize in diagnosing and treating cancer, often with chemotherapy.

Gynecological Oncologists

Specialize in diagnosing and treating reproductive organ cancers.

Surgical Oncologists

Specialize in surgery used to diagnose, stage and treat cancer, and manage certain cancer-related symptoms.

Radiation Oncologists

Specialize in treating a wide variety of cancers using radiation technology.


Collaborate with radiation oncologists in the planning of radiation treatments, including determining the appropriate dosage to be used during treatment.

Nurse Navigators

Assist and advocate for patients through cancer-treatment decisions.

Oncology Nurses

Provides care for cancer patients by monitoring physical conditions, administering medication, chemotherapy and other treatments.

Genetic Counselors

Advise you and your family on identifying and managing inherited cancer risk.


A licensed pharmacist with special training in how to design, give, monitor, and change chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Work with each patient to educate them on the resources available during their care.