If you have not tried one of our community classes, you are missing out on one of the best options available in this area! Our group exercise classes are designed by exercise physiologists and therapists of Covenant Health.  All our instructors go through an intensive training, not just a weekend or on-line certification. Classes are offered in Knoxville and the surrounding area. 

Class price is $5/person. 

To help guide you through our class menu, we have arranged classes by the fitness aspect that the class targets. You may attend multiple classes and multiple locations. Convenience and flexibility are also two more advantages of bodyWORKS!

Cardio-Focused Classes


Cardio/Strength/Stretch is a combination Cardio (aerobic), Strength Training, and relaxing Stretch’s for a complete workout, but easy on the joints. We don’t jump or run, but we are tough on fighting the bulge!

We incorporate many styles of cardio to keep the workouts fresh and fun! We may do a little kickboxing, a little dancing, etc… What we DON’T do is the same ol’ workout with the same ol’ music week after week. Participants should bring a mat, wear comfortable clothing, and appropriate shoes.

Advanced Senior Cardio

Advanced Sr. Cardio classes are for more fit seniors, challenging them with a tougher workout but still catering to the needs of the mature person. We do use floor exercises for a more advanced workout. Even though this class is designed for those 50 and older, younger people will get a great workout as well.  Participants need a mat and hand weights. 

Sr. Cardio is for the active senior who needs a little easier workout but focuses on keeping young at heart. We do NOT go to the floor with this class, so most active seniors can get a great workout here. Participants need optional light hand weights.

Muscular-Focused Classes

Tone & Balance

Tone & Balance is designed to improve your balance, increase strength in all major muscle groups and enhance your range of motion, all of which will assist you in performance of your daily activities such as lifting, bending, sitting, etc.

Mind, Body, & Spirit-Focused Classes

Chair Yoga Fusion

A combination of multiple practices utilizing a Chair, Mat (optional), and Light Strength Training.

If you want to work muscles, decrease stress, and increase your energy level, try our Chair Yoga Fusion. Participants may bring a mat if they choose to go to the floor at the end. 


This class is designed to transform Pain and Restriction to Ease and Agility through gentle stretching techniques which will leave you energized yet calm.  Unique movement sequences done on mats help to reprogram the brain-body connection to change self-destructive habitual patterns that wear down cartilage, pinch nerves, and inhibit connective tissue.  You will regain flexibility and range of motion by retraining chronically contracted muscles to “let go” allowing bones and vertebrae to ease back into place and naturally align to improve posture and functional ability.


Yoga is a class for everyone from the most basic beginner to the most advanced athlete.  It is a wonderful way to improve your current physical condition as well as your mental well being.  Yoga will help you develop strength and an improved sense of balance and flexibility.

We are currently looking for sites to host more classes, especially for after work (starting 5:30 p.m. or later). If your church, community center, or business has a large open room or gym, and you are interested in this opportunity to partner with us, please give us a call at 865-374-0457!

We do all the work – you just supply the space!