Nursing Celebration 2017

 On May 11, Park­west held its Nurses Week reception to recognize nurses who go above and be­yond in their mission to provide excellent care to each patient. This annual celebra­tion is held in honor of National Nurses Week, an observation supported by the American Nurses Associa­tion to coincide with the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. This year, Na­tional Nurses Week was May 6-12.


Not all of our Clinical Excellence winners were in attendance, but those who were included (from left to right) Heather Wood, Kathleen Gottschalk, Julie Wagner, Cindy Carroll, Keely Elledge, Donna Stephens, Lauren Cade, Hannah Smith, Matthew Kosal, Nicki Gothard, Parkwest CAO, Neil Heatherly, Jeanette Converse, Pat Baker, Shawn Tisdale, Tracy Paul, and Diane Alexander. *not pictured: Nicole Lane, Julie Miller, Chassity Lopez, Marcia Borden, Sara Rutherford, Kristin Waggoner, Amber Hecker, Alexis Wassung, Jessica Smith, Beverly Young, and Beth Wright.
Theresa Scott (middle) with Katherine Strobel and Dr. Jesse Doers was presented the Janet Heffren Award.
Suzanne Miller (left) with our New Graduate of the Year, JJ Johnson.
Neil and his father, Wayne Heatherly (right) awarded Nick Scott with the Wayne Heatherly 10-Foot Award.
Wendy Shock (right) with Carol Finley, winner of The Nursing Cap Award.


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