CMC Welcomes $5 Jewelry Sale, Volunteer Benefit June 12

The Volunteer Auxiliary at Cumberland Medical Center is hosting a Masquerade $5 Jewelry and Accessories Sale on Monday, June 12 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We are fortunate to have our volunteers. Not only do they choose to donate their time and talent with us, but through a variety of sales generated in our gift shop and sales like this, they raise proceeds that help us stretch further to meet needs that often fall outside our annual budgeting cycle,” said CMC Chief Administrative Officer Randy Davis.  

Most recently, the volunteers fulfilled a request presented by the hospital’s breast center to help provide more comfortable, modern sitting in its waiting area. The auxiliary chose to support this request, and it was recently delivered, making it a reality. This contribution alone was a $13,125 value.

The volunteers are looking for others who are interested in donating their time and talent with a position for a minimum of one four-hour shift per week. There are a variety of openings and departments and the best way to discuss opportunities is having a conversation with Volunteer Manager Tina Treadway. She helps pair interested volunteers with areas looking for a helping hand.

“The heart of our volunteer spirit is second to none,” says Treadway. “I find it a joy to work alongside them and help find creative ways to meet the needs of our community hospital.” If you are interested in volunteering with CMC or would like more information about the upcoming $5 Jewelry and Accessory sale, call Treadway at 931-459-7133.

New Cumberland Breast Center Furniture
New Cumberland Breast Center Furniture

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