CMC Changes Related to COVID-19

As of September 21, 2021

Visitation Policy

Our visitation policy as a member of Covenant Health requires all visitors to wear masks. Visitors are asked to remain in the room with the patient and limit travel inside the hospital to the cafeteria and vending machine areas.

Updated Visitation Policy:

  • Inpatients:  Patients may have one visitor at a time during their stay.
  • Isolation Patients, including suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients:  Visitation is limited to one visitor at a time who is essential to the patient’s care. If visitation is allowed, the visitor should stay in the room and wear appropriate PPE.
  • Emergency Department:  ED patients may have one visitor at a time.  EDs have the discretion to change status to “no visitation” status if deemed necessary.
  • Labor and delivery patients:  Mothers may have two designated visitors during their stay, one at a time, plus a doula.
  • Day Surgery/Ambulatory/Outpatients:  Visitation is limited to one visitor at a time.
  • Patients with disabilities: Provisions will be made to ensure designated support persons are authorized to stay and/or visit patients with disabilities.
  • Clergy:  In-person clergy visits will be permitted at the request of the patient or patient’s family, provided clergy members follow hospital safety and patient care requirements.
  • Minors under age 16:  Not permitted, except under extraordinary circumstances.

    Updated August 26, 2021

Spanish: Reglamento de Visitación

Medical Records

Because of COVID-19, the Medical Records office is closed to walk-in visits. Please call (931) 459-7258 if you need a copy of your medical record.  You can also access your medical records virtually through MyCovenantHealth, our secure online patient portal.

Coronavirus Resource Page

Visit for the latest Covenant Health news and information regarding Coronavirus information on masking, telehealth, and vaccination opportunities. 

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